Improve your overall coating quality with our purpose built line of predusts from Griffith Foods. Predusts are critical for optimal coating performance, increasing coating pick-up and providing integrity to overall adhesion. Suitable for flat bed, drum duster, and any other conventional breading equipment.

Pre Dust

Whether you need an adhesion promoter for your protein application, a cohesion batter for vegetables and cheese, or a tempura batter. Whatever your needs, Griffith Foods has a batter option to bring value to your operation. All of our batters are designed to work along with our Predust and Breading products.


We have a variety of crumb shapes in our collection for breading applications of all kinds. Traditional homestyle or American bread crumbs are available in options suited for fully fried or oven baked applications to provide a crispy texture and fresh baked flavor notes. Our premium Japanese crumbs will give an exceptionally crispy finish and absorb less oil than tradtional breading.


Reduce your formulation cost and improve yield with a binder crumb from Griffith Foods. Inclusion of a quality binder will reduce moisture and fat loss during the cooking stage, as well as enhance browning for a visual appeal your customers will love. Our binder crumbs can be added directly to your protein for ease of processing, no prior hydration required!