Preservation Adds

Over the past 100 years, Griffith Foods has kept food safety top of mind through their research on food products with preservation additives. This expertise has allowed Griffith to develop world class flavor profiles that work safely with curing agents such as Prague Powder #1.

Protein Seasonings

Designed around versalitiy and in process efficiency, our protein seasonings contain high quality ingredients with customer centric profiles. Whether you are grinding sausage, increasing yield, or using a topical, Griffith Foods provides solutions for an array of technical applications to meet every demand your operation requires.

Cereal & Grain Seasonings

Griffith Foods' Cereal & Grain Seasonings use a unique blend of imagination and science to create great tasting products that are easy to use. Take a look at some of our special formulations designed to create great texures, taste delicious and lower complexity in your production.

Fruit & Vegetable Seasonings

Developing flavorful dishes for your fruit and vegetables can be difficult - especially over the shelf life of a product. Through years of product development, Griffith Foods has mastered these profiles while maintaining high quality standards and low global impact.

Snack Seasoning

With over a 100 years of dynamic product development, Griffith Foods leads the in industry in Snack Seasonings. From jerky to popcorn to granola bars, our products lead in the industry for sustainable, delicious, and functional snack seasonings.

Other Seasoning

Griffith Foods creates seasonings for every occasion; to support every need. Other Seasonings include sea salts and dairy based seasonings that are great for all applications.